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Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Workshop 1 and 2, Office Building and Complex Building, No. 5, West of Chuanxin Avenue, Leping Town, Sanshui Dist., Foshsan, Guangdong, China

Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. Profile

Company Details
Main Market South America, Africa, Eastern Asia
Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company
No. of Employees 301 - 500
Year Established 2000
Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company
Country / Region Guangdong, China
Main Products Injection Molding Machine, Extrusion And Blow Molding Machine, PET Injection Molding Machine, Large Injection Molding Machine
Total Employees 301 - 500 People
Total Annual Revenue US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Year Established 2000
Certifications(1) ISO9001
Product Certifications(3) CE, CE, CE
Patents(3) Two-color injection nozzle for injection molding machine, Mould moving device of blow molding machine, Injection molding machine KII series
Trademarks(1) POWERJET
Main Markets South America 20.00% Africa 15.00% Eastern Asia 15.00%
Powerjet machinery which is the Injection Molding Machine & Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer Since Year 2000 with annual output over 3000 unit !

Factory in 50,000 square meters, with more than 350 staff members, over 20 branch offices across the country.
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